This project is inspired by the perfect shape of an egg.

I began by carrying out studies which led me to discover a multitude of surprising aspects and symbolic significations. My observations and analyses ended in my giving free run to my imagination and were the source of much thought on the subject. I studied shapes and colours through shade and light.

I experienced enormous pleasure in bringing the egg to the front of the stage.The egg lends itself to many interpretations, all kinds of transformations even going as far as metamorphosis. The shell is just on show. It is just an enveloppe, just an appearance. However the shell hides within an authentic being.


I imagined a series of characters : « the actors », those beings whose appearance is all we are able to perceive.

Spectators are thus invited to confront their own image and feel an irresistible urge to crack this appearance in order to give birth to their deepest being.The myth of Narcissus in the work by Dali is an illustration of this.

The spectator has the means to smash the actor in order to go beyond just the image and allow the birth of an unknown being.


The Actors - birth of a new being

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Egg shells as a skin - Instalation

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Books - The EGGLIPSE Collection


the annoying stone under the beach towel 

the  octopus 



fancy egg


simplest doll

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slim toy

venus flower

an apple in a rose 


the penguin