Hybrid Garden 

Garden is a fascinating meeting humans and nature. Nature is by essence wild and free, humans have the basic instinct of wanting to control and order their surrounding.


Through this  series of Hybrids I have attempted to express this paradoxical cohabitation, pushing the idea with humour to it’s limits.

Those four objects each tell a different story.


To create the four Hybrids, I dived into each

element which composes them. In this way, I was able to unfold other dimensions which became central parts of my research.

The hand of one of them: the Scarecrow Birdhouse, are a crucial element in the human appearance which it is taking.

The hands are symbol of human creation and civilisation but also of violence and conquest.

All these elements are explored and expressed through photography.


This study expresses human naivety in its control over nature.




The Flower Sunshade

It  carefully covers flowers and "protects" them from sun and rain, killing them slowly. 

This idea is symbolic of human's desire to claim beauty, destroying it in the process. 

Our ignorance of nature's complexity makes our relationship clumsy and destructive. 

The Camouflage Golfball 

It prevents birds from stealing the shiny white balls from the golf course. With this simple solution, golfers now desperately look for their golfballs in the grass.​

The Scarecrow Birdhouse 

The Scarecrow birdhouse, looking up to the sky, naively awaits for clever birds to take shelter in its head​.

The Nature Birdcage

The Nature Birdcage surrounds the branch of a tree, imprisoning a bird in its natural habitat. It's unnatural shape made out of wires is in perfect discordance with its surroundings, cutting the bird from all freedom.